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Victoria Swiger is a Guild Certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner 1 and uses only positive reinforcement training methods. She is also a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild which focuses entirely on no-force training methods. In 2018, she became certified as an Absolute Dogs® Pro Dog Trainer, which is a games based, concept training technique.

Victoria has been training dogs for about 20 years. She is certified as a Veterinary Assistant/Animal Care Specialist and was involved in dog, cat, and small animal rescue in the Bay Area. She volunteers at various humane societies; and in 2009, she received the Outstanding Local Trainer Award from the Butte Humane Society.  In 2014, she became a Certified Animal Care Consultant by Azmira's Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle®.

She was featured in The Tellington TTouch® For Dogs article in the August 2010 issue of The Whole Dog Journal. 

Victoria serves all of Butte county and the following additional areas:  Red Bluff, Redding, Grass Valley, Auburn, Lincoln, and Roseville.

Consultations are primarily located at her training facility in Oroville, but she is also available to meet with you at your home.                                                                                             

(Photo credit: Nancy Kerns, Whole Dog Journal) 


TTouch® is a world renowned, gentle, no-force method for working with companion animals.  It was founded by Linda Tellington-Jones, a Canadian horsewoman with a long background in horse training and the Feldenkrais Method.  TTouch® is based on communication, respect, cooperation, and understanding.  It helps to change the posture of the animal; thus, changing the behaviour.  It meets the animal where he/she is, gives them new information, and calms them so they can think and make better choices.

Guild Certified Practitioner I since 2003

Guild Certified Practitioner I since 2003


Please note: The Tellington TTouch® Method is not a substitute for veterinary care.